Medical malpractice case

Results Obtained In Car and Medical Negligence Cases

For more than forty years of representing the grieving and injured in the United States, I’ve dealt with numerous cases that were very complex from both legal and medical viewpoints. What follows is a sample of a couple of the higher value results I have acquired for victims of medical and auto negligence.

A man entering a crossing controlled by red light signs was broadsided by a truck that hadn’t slowed down or stopped. The driver of the truck claimed he didn’t see the red light, even if he had a clear view of the crossing.

Though the truck’s data recording device confirmed the negligence of the trucker, he claimed as a defense that the man had smoked marijuana at some point during the past two weeks.

Medical malpractice case
X-ray results of a medical malpractice

In 2009, a baby was born. And during the child’s delivery, the shoulder of the baby became stuck on the pubic bone of the mother. This is a quite common complication in birth, but one that needs certain care. In the report about the delivery stated, the doctor claimed to have utilized the well-known Woods’ screw maneuver to release the affected shoulder.

However, when he dictated the report, he didn’t realize that the grandmom had videotaped the delivery and the video obviously showed he didn’t utilize Woods’ screw maneuver. We argued he twisted and somewhat pulled on the head and neck of the baby to deliver her.

He argued that the baby girl was coming out in a natural manner while he placed his fingers on the baby’s shoulder and twisted them and that what’s shown on the video to be pulling and twisting was actually his softly guiding the baby out of the vagina.

Experts said that the delivery method was incorrect; he had twisted and pulled the head and neck of the child, resulting in injuries to nerves and joints in the baby’s neck and a long-lasting condition known as Erb’s Palsy.

Medical malpractice
Medical malpractice results

This is due to the tearing of the nerves that composed the brachial plexus, a nerve bundle that comes off the spine. We were shown that the force amount required to tear those nerves was considerably greater than the gentle traction the physician claimed he utilized.

The little girl has a long-lasting left arm paralysis with major limitations, regardless of two surgeries by a nerve surgeon. The jury granted the family with $1,400,000.00 in compensation.

In 2004, a 30-year-old woman was harmed when a truck driver ran a red light and caused the car she was in to roll over. The woman suffered neck pain and severe headaches and needed surgeries to fix a herniated disk and replace TMJ joints in the jaw. At trial, the jury delivered a verdict of $2.6 million— the biggest ever granted in Bartholomew County.

In 1989, Bartholomew County car crash took place when my client, a young mom, was hit by another driver, resulting in her vehicle to spin around suddenly. She had major tissue injuries to the arms, back, and neck, and developed carpal tunnel syndrome as well in the crash’s aftermath.

This made it difficult to work and hard to care for her kids. In this case, the jury awarded a $630,000 verdict for the woman